New Release Items

106250 Cordless Air Duster (Rechargeable 6000mah Battery, Powerful 33000 RPM, 10W Fast Charging)

Air Duster

This air duster is a comfortable and handy product staying away from the water cleaning of dust and dirt. It helps in cleaning away the smallest of the smallest dust particles in the high-precision instruments, for a wide range of usability in every concealed and narrow place where once you could not reach. This duster helps you clean up window and furniture, automobiles' corners, air conditioners, sofa, pet's hair, printed circuit boards, medical devices, relays, contacts and connectors, computers, laptops and keyboards, switches and solenoids, electrical equipment, laboratory instrument, telecommunication equipment to electronic instruments and so on. This is the ultimate smart device for the day to day cleaning of the tiniest parts of your room or other equipment where the traditional cleaner cannot reach.  


The born of DK4

DK4 is a DUAL-PURPOSED (Buggy and Rally)  design pre-assembled car which will provide you with a daring radio-controlled experience. The born of DK4 is started from an idea, to combine a highest-quality composite part (from Xray. s.r.o), with other good materials and aluminum parts put together. Under this, it will offer you a great RC experience and also raise up more excitement but still on an affordable price.  We sincerely wish you have a lot of enjoyment with DK4 no matter driving for fun or for racing and very welcome you to share your experiences with us!